Momento Delivers A Memorable Fan Experience & Unlocks New Revenue Streams

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Engage Fans Like Never Before

It’s more than just the games that draw so many fans into the stands. The live experience — from the smell of hot dogs to the sound of a roaring crowd — is something that you just can’t get from watching at home. Now you can deliver even greater value to your fans with Momento!

  • Give every fan the ultimate personalized memento of themselves
  • Replace the physical ticket keepsake with an authentic in-the-moment picture capturing their reaction
  • Extend the duration of your engagement well after the game ends
  • Target the younger, tech-savvy generation that snaps, shares & posts Lynn's novel approach to physical therapy.

It's All About Fan Engagement

Momento incentivizes your fans to share authentic and branded reactions to their thousands of followers on social media - while allowing you to participate in the monetization of the photo-sharing that takes place inside the arena.

Engage Your Fans

  • Empower your fans to become social storytellers
  • Give fans a tangible keepsake to remember their priceless experience
  • Allow sponsors to form emotional connections with your fans that last long after the game ends
  • Monetize Social Media by engaging the younger generation that tweets, posts & snaps!

Brand Your Fans

  • Attach Your Brands To Authentic Emotional Content That Fans Share To Their Thousands Of Impressionable Followers.
  • Amplify Your Brand’s Reach Exponentially By Leveraging The Viral Nature Of Momento’s Content.
  • Drive Incremental Sponsor Revenue Via Branded Photo Sharing
  • Turn your whole stadium into brand/team social influencers

Know Your Fans

  • Momento Helps Eliminate The Age Old Question Of Who Is Actually In Attendance.
  • Momento Collects 1st Party Data & Tracks Crowd Trends During Your Event.

Team Focused Experience

  • Easily Integrate The Momento App Into Your Existing Mobile App Via Momento’s SDK.
  • Leveraging Momento’s Personalized Content Helps Drive Additional Fan Traffic To YOUR Assets.

Ticket Sales / STH Stewardship

  • Momento’s Platform Allows Fans To Purchase Tickets Right After Viewing Their Emotional Experience
  • Momento Can Also Send Persoanlized Emails To Your Ticket Holders With Images Of Themselves Enjoying The Game.
  • Customize your retargetting efforts and post event dialouge content that is extremely engaging

Sell Personalized Memorabilia

  • Momento offers multiple purchasing options within our mobile platform including:
  • Prints, Frames, Specialty Frames, Memorabilia Plaques, Canvas and more!

Let Us Revolutionize Your Fan Experience

Momento is bringing decades of experience in capturing the action on the field to capturing the reactions in the stands allowing fans to share authentic, high fidelity photos proving that they weren’t just there, they were part of the action. Let's revolutionize the fan experience together!

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