Capture EVERY Fan's Biggest Moments!

We’re spending more and more time watching life through the camera on our phones. It feels like if there’s not a picture… did it really happen? But nobody wants to feel tied to their camera and risk missing the euphoria of the moment.

With Momento, you can live in the moment and enjoy the experience - knowing your memories will be captured.

Momento’s turn-key camera technology captures nearly EVERY fan’s authentic IN-THE-MOMENT reaction to the biggest moments and delivers high quality images & GIFs using our innovative cloud based web-app.

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Momento Digital Fan Platform

1. Enter Your Seat

Our synchronized multi-camera system blankets the venue’s seating areas capturing every seat - we just need to know where you are!

2. View Your Personalized Photo Feed

Just minutes after that thrilling moment happens fans can relive their excitement by scrolling through high-res images & GIFs from multiple moments throughout the event.

3. Savor, Share & Remember Your Authentic Moments

Found your favorite? Fans can seamlessly share to social media, purchase personalized memorabilia or download their content directly from the Momento platfrom.

Momento Captures It All

Momento's proprietary multi-camera system covers the entire seating area and with the click of a button captures 80,000+ authentic reactions.

Ensuring EVERY FAN has their moment captured forever!

We bring cutting-edge imaging technology and expertise to capture ultra-high fidelity images of the fans soaking in the game from the front row to the nose bleeds and every row between.

Momento reactions are like nothing you've ever seen before!

Let us revolutionize your fan experience

Momento is bringing decades of experience in capturing the action on the field to capturing the reactions in the stands allowing fans to share authentic, high fidelity photos proving that they weren’t just there, they were part of the action. Let's revolutionize the fan experience together!

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