Turning The Cameras Around

Revolutionize the fan experience

Diehard sports fans ourselves, we can relate to the struggle of wanting to have a memento to look back on without missing a second of the action trying to capture it. Throughout the years we've experienced the exhilarating highs from witnessing championships won and the hopelessness of playoff bids spurned. When attempting to relive these roller-coaster moments, we are only left with images taken between the action. These images don’t come close to telling the full story of the emotions we feel.below!

After years of cherishing the photo that Tom and I took while attending the 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series, an idea came to us. Why don’t we have a picture of us screaming, jumping into each other’s arms celebrating THE MOMENT Scott Podsednik hit his walk-off home run in Game 2? That’s when the spark occurred and founded the idea to reinvent the way fans relive THEIR greatest sports moments.s his area

Our Executive Team

Momento, founded in 2019 comes with over 25 years of in-venue camera and sports technology experience in documenting the action on the field…is now turning the cameras around to capture the fan’s excitement IN-THE-MOMENT for the first time ever.

Austin Fletcher

CEO, Founder

Since an early age, Momento Co-Founder Austin Fletcher has always been surrounded by high-tech cameras, innovation and a burning passion for all things sports. Fletcher saw first hand the raw emotion of a crowd while attending Michigan State University. Fletcher began building the Momento business his senior year while attending the Eli Broad Business School. Since graduation Fletcher had been chasing his vision for a live event experience where every fan can live in the moment while having that perfect memento to remember their excitement.

Scott Whalley

CSO, Founder

Scott is a serial entrepreneur having founded or co-founded 7 different companies over the past 30+ years. The companies Scott created range from a custom software design firm, business traveler gift company, CPG secondary market exchange and a SAS advertising information service which was acquired by Numerator, Scott has sold software and business services to hundreds of Fortune 500 organizations including Walmart, Goldman Sachs, J&J, Abbott, P&G, Target, J.P. Morgan and Budweiser, In total Scott is responsible for successful equity exits of more than $430 million.

Tom Fletcher

President, Founder

Prior to Momento, Co-Founder, Tom Fletcher, spearheaded the creation of the Emmy Award-winning sports division of Fletcher Group, which provides specialty cameras to NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, Olympics, NASCAR and many more broadcasters throughout North America as well as globally. Fletcher pioneered many of the innovative robotic camera angles that we watch on TV every game.
Fletcher is most famous for their In-Net Cam, Under The Jumbotron Camera, Goal Judge Camera for NHL, and Above the Rim and Behind the backboard for the NBA.

Let us revolutionize the fan experience

Momento is bringing decades of experience in capturing the action on the field to capturing the reactions in the stands allowing fans to share authentic, high fidelity photos proving that they weren’t just there, they were part of the action. Let's revolutionize the fan experience together!

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