Memorialize Your Fandom

Stadium Wide Camera Technology

Momento's Proprietary Multi-Camera System Covers The Entire Seating Area & With The Click Of A Button Captures 80,000+ Authentic Reactions.

How To See Your Momentos

Click To View Your Momentos

1. Enter Your Seat Information

  • Enter Your Seat Information So Momento Can Accurately Locate Your Photos & GIFs

2. View Your Candid Photos & GIFs

  • 40+ Candid Reaction Photos & GIFs Of Yourself Cheering On Your Favorite Team

3. Share & Remember Your Photos & GIFs

  • Share Your Momentos On Social Media To Show Your Followers Your Keepsake From The Game

When Do We Capture Photos?

  • Momento's Camera Technology Allows The Entire Venue To Be Captured With The Click Of A Button
  • Your Pictures Are Captured Whenever Fans Get To Their Feet & Show Excitement
  • These Moments Include Touchdowns, Three Pointers, Home Runs, Goals & So Much More!

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